South Carolina recording artist to perform in Shelbina

By Edward Husar, The Herald-Whig

SHELBINA, Mo. -- James Scott Bullard, a South Carolina recording artist known for his "outlaw country" style of music, will make a tour stop Friday, March 23, in Shelbina. 

Bullard is scheduled to perform from 9 p.m. to midnight at the Loose Brick Bar, 111 W. Chestnut St. There is no cover charge. 

Bullard is touring to promote his sixth album, "Full Tilt Boogie," which will be released April 27. 

A news release from Bullard's publicist describes his music as "too rock and roll" for mainstream country and "too country" for mainstream rock 'n' roll. As a result, his musical niche tends to fall in the outlaw country category, which appeals to a diverse range of listeners. 

"I've seen it all in my audience," Bullard said in the release. "I had a couple of 20-something young girls up-front and right next to them was a 70-year-old woman who danced, clapped and whooped it up right along with them. I loved that." 

Bullard grew up in what he calls "the very rural South." He describes this as a place where "there's something here in the rivers and in the soil that bleeds artistic expression." 

Bullard claims to come from a mixed clan of Irish, German, Native American and hillbilly moonshiners. His musical interests were influenced by his father, who was a country/bluegrass musician. 

"When I began playing, I took the standard chords my dad taught me, the power chords my heroes were playing, and learned all the (Black) Sabbath and Maiden I could," he said. 

Bullard played country music in local bars as a teen. He moved on to rock music in the 1990s but slowly drifted back to country. 

"My dad always said, ‘You'll come back to your roots.' And he was right," Bullard said. 

The publicist describes Bullard as "an artist who writes what he lives, with one foot rooted in faith and one foot rooted in the darker, wilder side of life." 

Bullard's songs reflect many of the challenges he has faced in life. 

"All my songs are about making bad decisions," he said. 

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