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Italian Blog, Lonestar Time, Reviews Full Tilt Boogie

By Remo Ricaldone
Lonestar Time - Italy

Here is the rough translation: 
A native of South Carolina, James Scott Bullard embodies the classic artist in the balance between rock'n'roll and country music, the two sounds that have marked his…

Jolene: The Country Music Blog Reviews "Jesus, Jail, or Texas"

By Sophie Greene

Jolene: The Country Music Blog, Australia

South Carolinian James Scott Bullard has said, ‘All my songs are about making bad decisions.’ While one could speculate about the nature of the bad decisions, they’re clearly good…

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Please RSVP Mix

By Joe Wolfe, Ear 2 The Ground Blog 


"Jesus Jail or Texas" by James Scott Bullard 
"Back to You" by James Scott Bullard 

On Tuesdays, we do "Twofer Tuesdays" (whenever the shuffle happens to bring up two…

Gary Hayes Country Premiers "Jesus, Jail, or Texas"

By Gary Hayes

At this particular time my crew is STILL processing this new album available in April of 2018. So you’ll have to stay in touch with this website for the album review. However right now I have…

J.P.'s Music Blog Reviews "Full Tilt Boogie"

By J. Pasinski

Country-rocker James Scott Bullard is preparing to release his sixth full-length LP titled "Full Tilt Boogie" on April 27th.  James is using his many years of experience in the music industry to create a classic LP…

Official Press Release for "Full Tilt Boogie"

Public Relations  ~ Artist Management 



Owning Up To Old Demons And Bad Choices Makes For A Great Country Record 

Mullins, SC February…