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5 Shots With Fairbanks: James Scott Bullard

I heard about this weeks artist from mutual friends that introduced me to his music. I really enjoy his sound but beyond that he is just a really friendly down to Earth dude. He has been nothing but nice to… interview, by Denise Smith

By Denise Smith (interview 2010.06.15)

“With a past steeped in love, loss, death, addiction, human suffering, torrid tales of flirting with the devil, the wrath of deep south religion, more southern-gothic lore than a Tennessee Williams play and a…

A.Lane2FAR Interview, by Allen Lane

Interview by Allen Lane

You don't see bad reviews on James Scott Bullard's body of work, 

and I must admit; he may be the most ambitious indie artist I’ve ever interviewed. 
Within a 40 minute phone conversation he…

No Depression/Country Fried Rock Interview, by Sloane Spencer

Originally published 3.26.2011 on Country Fried Rock. 

"Scott, I don't think school had a lot to offer you." 

James "Scott" Bullard bares his soul in regular conversation and freely shares about his tumble into addiction. After his hard…

indie0utlaws Interview, by Freddie "King Rat" Weisman

By Freddie ‘King Rat’ Weisman

It had been quite awhile since I last spoke with James Scott Bullard, so I called to play a bit of catch-up on shows, the new band, record sales, etc. And once again, I…