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New 2023 Interview with Canvas Rebel:

“Happiness comes from within, and as a creative person, sadness and suffering are just par for the course. Almost a prerequisite for the job. Look at it this way: All great modern music started

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5 Shots With Fairbanks: James Scott Bullard

I heard about this weeks artist from mutual friends that introduced me to his music. I really enjoy his sound but beyond that he is just a really friendly down to Earth dude. He has been nothing but nice to…

Read more interview, by Denise Smith

By Denise Smith (interview 2010.06.15)

“With a past steeped in love, loss, death, addiction, human suffering, torrid tales of flirting with the devil, the wrath of deep south religion, more southern-gothic lore than a Tennessee Williams play and a…

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A.Lane2FAR Interview, by Allen Lane

Interview by Allen Lane

You don't see bad reviews on James Scott Bullard's body of work, 

and I must admit; he may be the most ambitious indie artist I’ve ever interviewed. 
Within a 40 minute phone conversation he…

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