Glowing Full Tilt Review by the guys over at Take Effect Reviews!

Full Tilt Boogie 
Big Mavis Music, 2018 

Score: 8/10 

Country music comes in many forms these days, but few are as exciting, unpredictable and ragged as South Carolina’s James Scott Bullard and his 6th album. 

You won’t find any tunes about dogs or trucks here. Instead, Bullard provides music that could soundtrack a knife fight in a dusty parking lot or a brawl between rival biker gangs. 

Armed with a sage-like voice, Bullard’s honky-tonk has a fierce southern rock element to it, and the riff driven and loud variations of gospel and blues that reside on the darker side of the equation are nothing short of irresistible, even if it makes you examine all your own flaws. 

A former over-indulger of substances, these days Bullard channels all that energy into his gripping brand of outlaw country, and we’re all better off for it. 

Travels well with: Dex Romweber- Carrboro; Ryan Adams- Heartbreaker