"Carolina Rose" featured in "These 18 Stunning Songs of South Carolina Will Bring It All Back Home To You" by Gwen Tenille

By Gwen Tennille

Music is more than bits of notes placed in a lyrical arrangement for auditory pleasure. Music beats inside each and every one of us; holding us together to time and place. In certain instances, music can transport us to a time of pure happiness, it can bring us memories that were tucked away, and can comfort us in our time of need. Music can also bring pride; pride in who you are and where you came from. Here, I have compiled a selection of music in which I’m positive each and every one of you will find a favorite. 

1. Carolina In My Mind – Allison Krauss & Jerry Douglas 

2. South Carolina Low Country – Josh Turner 

3. Carolina Girls – General Johnson & The Chairmen of the Board 

4. Carolina On My Mind 

5. South Carolina – The Outlaws 

6. Just A Little Bit South of North Carolina – Dean Martin 

7. Waltz For A Girl In South Carolina – Brett Shady 

8. Carolina – Benton Blount 

9. My Sweet Carolina – Ryan Adams 

10. Charleston, South Carolina – Lovie Austin & Her Blues Serenaders 

11. South Carolina Blues – Junior League Band 

12. Carolina In The Morning – Judy Garland 

13. South Carolina Rag – Willie Walker 

14. Carolina, I Remember You – Charlie Daniels 

15. Carolina Drama – The Racoonteurs 

16. Carolina Rose – James Scott Bullard & The Late Night Sweethearts 

17. The Carolinian – Chatham County Line 

18. Carolina County Ball – Elf 

Obviously, I could have went on and on, but I hope that this gives you a good idea of what I’m talking about. The really interesting part of this article is that not all of these songs come from South Carolina artists. It just goes to show you that South Carolina is impressionable upon people. And, personally, I can understand why. I love this place from the sands of the beaches to the hills of the mountains and every place in between. I am a bit biased however, when it comes to the Lowcountry. I was born and raised there and it is hard to find the kind of peace that I find there anywhere else. I think it is the coolness of the shadows beneath the huge oaks and Spanish moss. Maybe you can call it, “The Song of the South” or, in this case, “The Song of South Carolina”.