No Depression/Country Fried Rock Interview, by Sloane Spencer

Originally published 3.26.2011 on Country Fried Rock. 

"Scott, I don't think school had a lot to offer you." 

James "Scott" Bullard bares his soul in regular conversation and freely shares about his tumble into addiction. After his hard…


Bare Bones Reviews Live Show Review

To witness him take an audience is like watching a man possessed. Part preacher, part snake-oil salesman, with the swagger of rock & roll, the pain of the blues, the heartache of old country and delivered with the conviction of…

indie0utlaws Interview, by Freddie "King Rat" Weisman

By Freddie ‘King Rat’ Weisman

It had been quite awhile since I last spoke with James Scott Bullard, so I called to play a bit of catch-up on shows, the new band, record sales, etc. And once again, I…


TooMyEars Journal Live Show Review, by Sydney Baker-Brown

By Sydney Baker-Brown

I once read that; “Truly great songwriters are madmen who just chose to take a more creative route than serial killing.” And if you look at the track record of America’s most revered songwriters, you do…

Pee Dee band performs at exclusive Gram Parsons tribute in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Florence-based alternative country/southern rock group James Scott Bullard & The Late Night Sweethearts recently had the honor of participating in Gram InterNational V in Nashville. 

The event, created by the Gram InterNational organization, was Nov. 2…