JSB named cadidate for 'disc of the year' by Spain's own: Dirty Works Editorial

Loose paraphrased translation:

"...This glorious Full Tilt Boogie. "All my songs try to make bad decisions," says Bullard. There has been rehabilitation in between (he thought that sobriety would end his creativity, but not), and a long list of aggravated ex-offenders who find bits and pieces of their lives in their lyrics. This new disc emphasizes the acceptance of the old demons and the responsibility for bad decisions. Pure country outlaw, after all, because the thing is about that, a deliberate resignation of the material "poor me" from his previous works. No more crying. The broken heart has given rise to a meditative demon. More power and much more rock ("too rock and roll" for mainstream country and "too country" for mainstream rock and roll, fuck it). A dirtier ride, more daring, more intoxicating, without concessions to the gallery. "I grew up in the rural South," he explains. And I do not pretend it sounds arrogant at all, but there is something about being from the South that makes you "know". There is something in the rivers and on the earth that exudes artistic expression. Here the blues was born, it was transformed into country and bluegrass, and it was interwoven with gospel. Hank Williams, Little Richard, Elvis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Tom Petty are Southern. What more evidence is needed? " Lyrics populated by marginal characters, bikers, rodeo cowboys and renegades. "When you sing you have to know what you're talking about, otherwise people will notice." Candidate, from now, to disc of the year at Rancho Dirty.