1. Spent most of his childhood and early teens in and out of hospitals due to Crohns Disease.

2. His childhood babysitter was the aunt of Hall of Fame Boxing Champion, Sugar Ray Leonard.

3. He has held a series of odd jobs including: video store clerk, bar doorman, tax assessor file clerk, and newspaper journalist.
He is also a non-denominational ordained minister and holds diplomas in digital photography, cinematography and editing. 


4. His paternal Grandfather was a moonshiner and his father was the 'runner,' or driver.

5. Was conceived in a Nashville motel while his father was there to record a demo with Elvis Presley's drummer, D.J. Fontana.

6. Once worked in a recording studio as an assistant engineer, says he learned nothing, but in lieu of money as payment, was paid in studio time to record the demos for what would later become his first 2 solo records.

7. He was an actor for one day on an episode of the TV show, "Dawson's Creek." He left before filming wrapped on the 1st day and though called back several times by the studio for bit parts in various shows and films, always declined and never went back. Since 2015 he has directed all but one of his own music videos and is now at work on an indie horror film.


8. Fronted the 90’s hard rock band Crane, who opened for many major label acts such as Creed, The Marvelous 3 and Big Wreck, and were courted by 2 major record labels before the band folded in late 2000, playing their final show to a SRO crowd at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC.

9. Says his first musical memories consist of 3 specific artists: Elvis Presley (thanks to his mom,) Waylon Jennings (thanks to his dad,) and Kiss (thanks to his older half-brother.)

10. After meeting and realizing they had a few mutual friends, Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) once tried to buy a few C.D.'s and t-shirts from Bullard. However, earlier in the day, Anselmo had pulled at Bullard's heartstrings by being extremely personable and kind to his 11 year old son, (a hardcore metal-head and obviously starstruck Pantera fan,) so of course Anselmo was given one of every piece of JSB merchandise...A bear hug ensued.